The Good Business Charter components

The self-certification process takes the form of a series of questions requiring a Yes or No answer which should take you less than one hour to complete.  Accreditation to the Good Business Charter requires you to meet each of the 10 components if you are a company or 9 if you are a charity. Please find below summaries of the questions which you can download and print or circulate to specific colleagues in your organisation.

In the majority of cases you will be asked if you are currently fulfilling a certain criterion for the Good Business Charter.  If you answer ‘No’, you will be asked if you commit to do it going forwards.  Our focus is on good intent in this regard.  So a commitment going forwards means that within 3 months (or 12 months for tax) you will have started to put any changes required into motion.  Some of the detail may take a few months to implement and we are definitely not expecting that to be fully in place within 3 months.  Intent and commitment is the key.

For more information on what is required to fulfil each component of the Good Business Charter please click on the individual icons below.   

If you are still unsure, please email us.

Accreditation Questionnaire guides

Please use these guides to help you answer the questions in each compnent questionnaire.

Companies with 10-50 employees

Download here.

Companies with 51+ employees

Download here.

Charities with 10-50 employees

Download here.

Charities with 51+ employees

Download here.


If you are concerned that you will not be able to answer these questions but believe that your business or charity practices follow the spirit of this component, please consult with us so that we can make a judgement on whether we believe you meet the requirements of the component.  We are really keen to have organisations of all sizes and from all types of industries and sectors joining the Good Business Charter.  These are standard questions and for some organisations there may be questions that are just not relevant or too onerous.  We want to hear from you if you feel that is the case and we will take a sympathetic view. 

Equally, companies with a smaller number of employees may feel that the wording of the questions is rather technical for the way they operate.  We do not want to exclude anyone behaving responsibly just because they feel this has not been designed with their organisation’s size or industry in mind.  We encourage you to apply the questions to your own unique setting and if in doubt, do contact us to explain the way in which you believe in your own way that you meet this component so that together we can consider whether it is sufficient or what else may be necessary to receive GBC accreditation.