Our 10 components

The time is right for a “Good Business Charter” to encourage responsible business behaviour, publicly acknowledge and reward those organisations who exhibit such behaviour.

Our aim is to inspire as many organisations as possible to change their behaviour, where required, in order to sign up, which should in turn encourage wider good business practice.

The Good Business Charter commits organisations to:

Good Business Charter

Take the first step now and sign up with us today. If you receive accreditation to the GBC, membership will be FREE for the first year.


No joining fee and membership fee is free for the first year.

Thereafter organisations with less than 51 employees will be charged a flat rate of £25 per year.

Organisations with more than 50 employees will be charged £1 per FTE up to a limit of £2,500 (£500 for charities).

So if you have 8 employees you will pay just £25 per year membership after your first free year.

If you have 150 employees it will be £150 per year, if 2,500 employees, the cost is £2,500.



Calling all employees, customers and suppliers.

If you have reason to believe that a GBC accredited organisation is not meeting its obligations, please let us know.