Where does the Good Business Charter fit into the responsible business space?

Organisation Where What they offer Summary Cost
Good Business Charter UK

We offer a simple accreditation over 10 components covering employees, the environment, suppliers, customers and taxation. We are UK wide but could easily be replicated internationally.

Members must commit to all 10 components to achieve accreditation.

Designed to be easy to apply to (in under an hour if you have your answers ready) with the first year of membership free and renewal costs very low. It is a straightforward yet comprehensive summary of what the GBC considers to be responsible business. Also open to charities.

Free to sign up. After one year annual fees as follows:

10-50 e’ees: £100
51-250 e.ees: £250
251-500 e’ees: £550
500 + e’ees: £1,000

B Corps International Comprehensive analysis of how your business is operating. However, you only need to score 80/200 score over 5 areas. This means that only 40% compliance with the organisation’s aims is acceptable in this scheme. It is unclear if there are any compulsory components. Lengthy application and verification process (their website states certification can take several weeks to a few months) and expensive.  Annual fees of £10,000 for a company with £25m turnover; £25,000 for a company with £100m turnover.
Blueprint for Better Business UK Helps businesses to be a force for good. Their 5 principles of a purpose driven business are long-term sustainable performance, honest and fair with customers and suppliers, a good citizen, a responsible and responsive employer, and a guardian for future generations. Not an accreditation scheme but a guidance document. GBC recommends businesses connect with Blueprint for Better Business to improve their business practices. N/A
Business in the Community UK Draws together a network of purposeful leaders to share best practice specifically in these 3 areas:
(i) a skilled and inclusive workforce for today and tomorrow;
(ii) communities where people want to work and live; and
(iii) innovating to sustain and repair our planet.
Not an accreditation scheme. GBC recommends businesses connect with BITC to share best practice and feed into the important conversations on responsible business. N/A
Ethical Trading Initiative International Membership to the ETI for ethical sourcing standards Single issue, recommended by the GBC, more in-depth work on ethical sourcing than required by the GBC.

£900 sign up fee.

£3,262 for companies with turnover under £25m. £7,748 if turnover £100m.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter demonstrating excellent practice in employment. Employee focused, the GBC takes a wider view and covers the entire UK.  No charge.
Heart of the City London but widening through online resources Through the sponsorship of around 100 large companies, they support small businesses (up to 250 employees) in starting the journey of responsible business. They work with 60 companies each year assisting on a practical level. Not an accreditation scheme. They recognise that GBC fills a gap in the market, especially for SMEs who are want to be recognised for the responsible business practices they have adopted. N/A
Mayor of London and London Assembly London Good Work Standard covering employee issues only and relying on an average score to qualify. Employee focused, the GBC takes a wider view and covers the entire UK.  No charge.